Quality Custom Made Curtains

  • We offer a quality custom made curtain making service (material to be supplied by client) within Bedfordshire and local areas.
  • We offer competitive pricing and value for money. We are able to keep overheads low and, while you supply the main material, are currently able to operate without charging VAT on the service we provide.
  • Also available - curtain alterations and curtain re-lining services.
  • Free home design and measuring service for your window treatments.
  • All our curtains are made with hand stitched hems, hand sewn in linings and weighted at the corners.
  • Interlining your curtains gives them a luxurious look and feel and also helps to stop valuable heat loss.
  • Finishing touches - Swags, Tails, Tie -Backs, Pelmets, Valances & Cushions.
  • Handmade Blinds.
  • We also offer a clothing alterations and relining service.

Please contact Susie B's and let us know your requirements
  • On your initial enquiry we will respond to you before the close of the following day.
  • At your convenience we will be happy to book a visit convenient to yourselves to discuss your window treatment in the comfort of your own home. Whilst with you, we will take all relevant measurements and discuss options.
  • We will then e-mail you a quotation for your approval and upon acceptance of your order, receipt of your fabric and agreed delivery timescale, we will make your window treatment and notify you when your items are ready for delivery.
  • We will then book another visit to hang your window treatment. Please see our terms and conditions for payment information.
We look forward to being able to create your window treatment or carry out your alterations to our very high standard of workmanship.
  • Pencil Pleat Tape usually 7cm (3 in) in depth or can be 15cm (6in) depending on your choice. One of the most versatile heading styles, they are suitable for most windows.
  • French or Pinch Pleats. An excellent hand sewn heading that can also be used on curtains hung underneath valances, pelmets or swags and tails as the French pleat encourages the curtains to hang in organised folds.
  • Dropped-down 2.5cm (1in) tape, which creates a frill above the gathering. The tape is usually dropped down 7cm (3in). This is a pretty heading, especially suitable for curtains and valances.
  • Goblet Heading, which can be used on curtains and valances. The goblets are usually 7.5 - 10cm (3-4in) in depth.
  • Puff Heading is a pretty treatment, either hand or tape gathered, leaving a 15cm (6in) frill above the gathers. This heading works particularly well in silk fabrics but not so well in heavy cottons. It does not stack back very well so advised to be held open by tie-backs.
  • Box-pleated Heading, the pleats are flattened to form a smart tailored heading. Advisable to be held open with tie-backs.
  • Smocked Heading 7cm (3in) deep. This is effectively a pencil heading that is then embroidered with smocking stitches. The depth of the heading is of personal preference.
  • Many other headings available - please ask on home design service.
  • Lining - Coloured linings are available, but it is better to chose from the range of neutral shades as the colours will fade all too quickly especially if your window faces south or west. There are various neutral colours and these are ivory, white, ecru and beige.
  • Interlining - The invisible ingredient of curtain making, curtains made with interlining have a beautiful heavy feel to them and they hang well. In addition, interlining contributes to the insulation of a room and therefore can save on the heating costs. There is nothing like that cosy feeling when you close those lovely curtains, of a winter evening, shutting out the night.
We line all our curtains, but we do recommend that you also request to have them interlined.
  • A pelmet is a fabric covered band of buckram, canvas or plywood which is fixed onto the front edge of a pelmet board. It conceals the track and curtain heading.
  • Pelmets can be fitted to any shape of window and the design can easily be adapted to suit different sizes of windows within the same room.
  • The lower edges of pelmets benefit from being defined with braid or rope trims. Braid or rope in a striking contrast colour will accentuate the shape of the pelmet even more.
  • Fabrics with distinctive prints such as damasks or toiles de Jouy are shown off to their best advantage on pelmets because they are seen flat rather than their design being lost in the folds of curtains, valances or swags.
  • A sumptuous and impressive window treatment, easily adapted for different widths of windows in the same room.
  • Swags and tails are the ultimate way to dress a window. They look sophisticated when made up in rich fabrics and trimmed with fringe. Untrimmed swags and tails look more contemporary.
  • Swags and tails can be fitted to a pelmet board or draped over a pole.
  • The side tails add length and elegance to the window treatment. They can be lined, either in the main fabric or in a contrasting fabric.
  • Swagged valances are a pretty soft swag treatment which can be trimmed along the lower edge.

There are a variety of Tie-Back designs available, we have listed a few below but would be only too pleased to discuss and show you these types of accessory at your home consultation.
  • Plain tie back.
  • Contrast - bound tie - back.
  • Contrast - bound tie - back with bolster tassel trim.
  • Rope trimmed tie - back.
  • Plaited tie - back, which can look effective if the curtain fabric and two plain colours are plaited together.
  • Ruched tie - back with ruched bound edges. An appropriate design for puff - headed curtains.

Blinds can either be used on their own as a simple treatment or in conjunction with curtains in a multi-layered treatment. They are a useful treatment for small windows or for windows where there is no space at the side for a curtain. Blinds can be fitted inside or outside the window recess or architrave.
  • Roller Blinds.
  • Roman Blinds.
  • Austrian Blinds.
Please contact Susie B's for details of our service to make blinds to your specification. We will provide you with a quote for hand making your blinds using your own fabrics.
  • There is something luxurious, even indulgent about cushions.
  • They have a place in every room and can instantly transform your room by adding decorative detail.
  • Cushions can soften the hard seats of the dining room or garden chair.
  • Or even for that extra special touch at a wedding of a ring cushion.
  • Cushions can be made in a variety of shapes from the standard square, round of a bolster to heart or star shaped.
  • Fabrics can be kept simple or maybe you would like to use a piece of antique tapestry, expensive brocade or a luxurious piece of silk.
  • Why not mix colours and patterns, add surface detail and create your own individual style.
  • Ribbons come in such a wonderful array of colours, widths and textures they can make a wonderfully luxurious cushion to complement any room.
Please contact Susie B's for details of our cushion making service. We will provide you with a quote for hand making cushions to your specification.
  • All clothing alterations are undertaken including Wedding attire.
  • Garment alteration prices from:

    • Hems 9.00
    • Dresses 11.00
    • Coats / Jacket 12.00
    • Formal / Bridal Wear 15.00
    • Replacement Zips 10.00
    • Replacement linings 14.00
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us with any minor or major alterations to your curtains, clothing or Bridal wear. We ask that all alterations are dropped off and collected.
  • We are conveniently situated in Wilstead, Bedfordshire between Bedford & Luton just off the A6.
  • Please contact Susie B's for further details.

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